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15 January 2011 @ 09:11 pm
My Butterfly  
Tittle : My Butterfly
Author : Micchi
pairing :kameuchi
genre : it should be Mystery right? AU
rating : PG
disclaimer : how i wish i can have Uchi and Kame
summary : Everytime Hiroki go the park, a beautiful butterfly always watching him.
warning : Bad english.

This fanfic for kamexuchi's fanfic contest but i dont know if it fit with the qualifications. ma at least i tried ne. wish you like it.
and i got this idea after reading indonesian fiction bout butterfly.

It’s not the first time Hiroki feel strange in this park. The air in that park felt warm and not infrequently his heart was beating faster. Everytime he was there a butterfly always accompanied him. sometime it’s flying around him but sometime it just perched on bench where Hiroki’s sitting or sometime in Hiroki’s book if he’s reading one, and watcing every Hiroki’s movement. Yeps, hiroki sworn with all his heart that it was watching him. and sometime Hiroki will return it attention. And sometime they’ll look at each other for long time. Hiroki will only realize that he kept watching it curiously when someone came in their way and he was back to his sense. But Hiroki wasn’t felt uncomfortbale bout it, instead he enjoyed it very much.
As time passed by Hiroki’s affection towards this lovely creature’s growing. Now, he is not only watch it curiously but Hiroki will smile at it when he ‘meet’ with it in park and will say goodbye when he left. That butterfly is so beautiful. The most beautiful butterfly that hiroki had ever seen. Black wings with white and red stripes on it.

At first Hiroki and that butterfly only meet in park but after Hiroki for almost a week not show up at park because he got accident, it followed Hiroki wherever he will go. When for the first time after his accident hiroki back to that park, it also the first time that lovely creature perch on hiroki’s body. It was on his shoulder. Hiroki’s taken back but he smile weakly at that butterfly.

“Do you miss me? Did I made you worried. I’m sorry. A week ago because my stupidity I was injured myself when I played baseball. That’s why I cant came here.” Said Hiroki feel sorry.

“But I feel better now. I promise you that I’ll come here everyday to meet with you ne?” said Hiroki cheerfully.

But hiroki cant kept his promise since that lovely creature never left hiroki’s side until hiroki safe in his apartement. It’ll only left hiroki side when hiroki in class or in his part time job. But when it gone, it isn’t completely left Hiroki, it kept watching him, but from a far. Like from outside hiroki’s class, from window or door. and Hiroki who conscious bout it, felt extremely happy. He felt safe and not lonely anymore.

Every morning Hiroki is impatient to wait his lovely butterfly to show up and accompanied him to through his tough and lonely day. Everytime that beautiful creature appear, hiroki will always greet him with “Ohayou, choo-chan!” dan then he’ll start to talk to that butterfly bout what activities will he do for that day. In his free time that day, he’ll tell ‘choo-chan’ bout his dreams, his friends, his ambition, his weakness, his loneliness, everything bout him. when his day was over, and it’s time for Hiroki to sleep, he’ll said “oyasumi, choo-chan” to his butterfly.


That beautiful butterfly become Hiroki’s best friend. Well, of course after his best of the best of his friends, Kamenashi Kazuya. His friend since kids until one year ago. Because an accident, he had to lose his best friend. And everytime he look at that butterfly, it remind him of Kazuya.

Kamenashi Kazuya is a butterfly lovers. Since childhood, Kazuya already had an interest in butterfly until he become a man he still love butterfly, there is always a place in his hearts for butterfly. He would spend his time doing research bout butterflies and went for butterfly hunting. Butterfly hunting here was he would capture it with his old camera which is always hanging around his neck. He could not far away from his camera, just in case if he met with butterfly. Kazuya would be very happy If he met with butterfly. Especially if he had never seen that species before. In the night he could not sleep and would fed up Hiroki with never ending story bout it.

As butterfly lover, kazuya would be very upset if there’s someone do any harm to butterfly. He would give his heart and soul to protect that beautiful insect. He even worked part time job in insect’s conservation.

After mature enough Kazuya could divide his time for the little creature and his personal life. But as a child, Kazuya was addicted with butterflies, There’s nothing else in his mind beside butterfly. He was willing not to play with his friends as long as he could go hunting butterflies. His friends thought that Kazuya was a weirdo and they called him butterfly man because his addiction. But he didn’t care what people thought bout him. as long as they didn’t hurt his beloved butterflies. He can be very ignorant if he wants, and sometimes he even forgot bout his friends, Hiroki. And it made Hiroki very angry.

Because he was too upset, Hiroki didn’t want to talk with kazuya anymore, and that made Kazuya and hiroki, himself felt very sad. Hiroki felt very lonely and betrayed despite he was the one who didn’t talk to kazuya first. Because his stubbornness, Hiroki didn’t apologize to kazuya and fixed their problem. While kazuya didn’t know how to approach Hiroki, because hiroki always avoiding him. and kazuya felt rejected by Hiroki, and Hiroki felt same way, he felt rejected by kazuya.

Until one day, in very sunny day. Hiroki who was felt lonely went to the park near his home. Park where he used to play with Kazuya and the place which the most amount of butterflies. There he saw Kazuya was talking with a black butterfly with white and red lines. Kazuya smiled brightly at the butterfly. It made Hiroki who was in bad mood become mad. His mood worsen and he felt dejected. He took a baseball that thrown carelessly in the park and threw it towards Kazuya very hard. The ball was hit kazuya’s foot. He groaned in pain. He turned to the source of the ball, he was very surprised to see the one who threw the ball. Their eyes met. Kazuya gentle gaze met with Hiroki’s angry stares.

“I HATE KAZUYA!” scream hiroki angrily. The tears flowed down on his cheeks. Hiroki ran into his house while wiping his tears angrily.

“Piroki , wait! Piroki!” called kazuya desperately. He ran after Hiroki to his home, hobble.
Hiroki ran up into his room and locked it. Hiroki felt so angry when he saw very familiar butterfly, flying in front of him, circling him. The Butterfly flapping its wings in panic. Hiroki took a book on his desk and swung it, trying to swat the butterfly.

“Go! Go away! I hate you! You took my friend away from me!” Hiroki yelled frustrated. Tears kept streaming down on his cheeks.

"Go! Go away! Hate! I HATE YOU! "Hiroki kept shouting, swinging the book he was holding. Trying hard to hit that butterfly. He did not hear the loud banging on his door.

"Piroki open the door! Piroki, I’m so sorry! Piroki please open the door! "
The butterfly would not fly away from Hiroki, he flapped his wings hard, just kept circling around Hiroki. Hiroki thought the butterfly was mocking him when in fact the butterfly tried to calm Hiroki down. As the best batters in his team, Hiroki did not tarnish that predicate. when the butterfly flew back to him, Hiroki immediately swung it towards the butterfly and this time he make it. The book hit the butterfly really hard. The butterfly fell and died, his wings torn because the hard blow. It lying helplessly on floor.

Hiroki looked at the butterfly and realized what he had done. Hiroki felt very guilty and terrified. He also finally able to hear the loud bang on his door. He immediately opened the door and when he saw Kazuya, he hugged him right away.

“Kazu, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to kill it. I’ve just tried to shoo it away from my room. Kazu, please forgive me. I’m so sorry.” Hiroki was sobbing on Kazuya’s shoulder. Kazuya stroked hiroki’s back gently.

“Piroki, calm down! Please calm down!” cooed kazuya, but hiroki’s cries grew louder and he kept apologizing to Kazuya.

Kazuya who didn’t understand what Hiroki said could only sigh. He patiently waiting Hiroki to calm down. He scans hiroki’s room, confuse. and at that time he saw the butterfly that he talk to, lying helplessly on floor. Finally kazuya understand what Hiroki wanted to tell him. kazuya staring at the poor insect sadly. his tear in verge to fall but he tried hard o hold it. he knew, if he cried, hiroki would feel more upset and guilty than he already is. Kazuya didn’t want to make Hiroki thinks that he was angry at him because kazuya knew, hiroki’ll avoiding him again, but this time not because he mad at him but because feel guilty. Kazuya did not want to lose his friend anymore. Although so far he looked not too concerned with Hiroki and more concerned about his favorite insect, but in his heart, Hiroki was the most valuable person. When Hiroki did not want to talk to him, Kazuya felt very lonely. Even the beautiful insect can not cure his loneliness, at least not completely.

“Piroki, its okey. I’m not angry at you. I should the one who have to apologize to you. I’ve been ignoring you for this past few days. And beside it’s time for it to go. It’s too old for butterflies. please forgive me, and please don’t cry anymore, I’m going to cry too.” Persuade kazuya, try to as calm as possible.

Hiroki freed himself from kazuya and looked at kazuya’s eyes. He bit his lower lip, trying hard to hold his tears.

"I'm sorry." said Hiroki weakly. Kazuya smiled sincerely.

“I’ll forgive you if you promise me that you’ll become my friend again and help me to bury the butterfly. What you said?” Hiroki nodded. He wipe his tears. Kazuya’s smile wider. He felt so relieved that they can be friend again.

“come on, help me bury it.” Kazuya pull Hiroki’s hand, and those boys were left to bury the butterfly under their tree house.

“I’m so sorry Kazu. I’ll never do that again. I’ll accompany you to hunt butterflies and I wont mad if kazu spend more time with its. I’ll be nice friend.” Kazuya shook his head.

“No, I should the one who apologize. I promise you I’ll never ignore you again, I’ll obey your wishes. If you ask me to play with you and the others, I’ll do it. I promise that I’ll be your best friend forever. I’ll never leave you.” Kazuya smiles and Hiroki return his smile. They hooked their pinky.

“You promise?” Kazuya nodded.

“I promise.”

Since then Hiroki always accompany Kazuya hunting for butterflies and Kazuya will follow all Hiroki’s desire. Hiroki began to learn a lot about butterflies from Kazuya. He also helped Kazuya taking pictures of the butterflies. While Kazuya start to play with their friends. Doing activities that was not associated with butterflies. Their relationship continued like that until they grow up. Nothing changed until a year ago.

Kazuya's death made Hiroki loses his courage to live. He often felt very lonely and rarely want to back to his apartment, their apartment. Too many memories that sometimes made him cant breath. He hoped the incident a year ago did not exist and Kazuya was still with him. However, Since the meeting with that beautiful insect, Hiroki never felt lonely anymore, and he start to accept the bitter reality. He began to feel comfortable in his apartment.
One morning, Hiroki suddenly got an idea. He wants to give that lovely butterfly a name. It is not polite to call the butterfly choo-chan After they become friend thought Hiroki. Which is why he decided to called it, kazu-chan. Kazu from Kazuya, his friend’s name who loved butterflies. He wanted to honor both of them.

"Ne, choo-chan (butterfly). I want to give you a name." Hiroki talk to the butterfly. It looked at Hiroki interested . "Starting today I will call you kazu-chan. Kazu from Kazuya, my best friend’s name, you remember him right?" the butterfly flapping its wings. "Do you like it? Ne, kazu-chan." Suddenly the butterfly flied and landed on Hiroki’s nose. as if the butterfly was kissing Hiroki’s nose. Hiroki gasp, but a big smile form on his face. he did not think that it understand him and it made him very happy. "Yappari, I'm sure you'll love it. You love it, right?" Hiroki gently caressing kazu-chan’s wing. Hiroki surprisingly not uncomfortable at all, he just very pleased.

Hiroki’s closeness with Kazu-chan made him called weirdo by his friends and they gave him nickname, butterfly man. Because wherever he will go, kazu-chan always followed him. Hiroki didn’t feel annoyed at all, he just smiling and feel happy with that nickname because that was his childhood friends called kazuya. Beside he knew that his friends only fooling around. Actually his friends felt relieved because finally hiroki can smile again. for them, as long as Hiroki can ‘live’ again. They didn’t mind that hiroki followed by an insect. Beside he just be friend with insect not become mad man, he still hiroki that they know.


For Hiroki, Kazu-chan is not only his friend but his guardian too. Kazu-chan will immediately warn Hiroki if there is a danger that would befall on Hiroki. Usually kazu-chan will warned Hiroki by flying around Hiroki and flapping its wings abruptly. he will do anything to kept Hiroki away from danger. Like when his apartment almost robbed, kazu-chan harshly flapping its wings on Hiroki’s face, trying to wake him. fortunately Hiroki woke up instantly and could prevent the thief entered his home. Same goes when Hiroki loses his wallet, kazu-chan flied around Hiroki three times and then flew away, flapping its wings repeatedly, as if telling Hiroki to follow it. And Hiroki who are familiar with kazu-chan’s behaviour immediately followed it. Kazu-chan took him back to drugstore which he had just visited, and there he found his wallet.

Like now, kazu-chan is trying hard to warn Hiroki to not leave his apartement by flying around Hiroki constantly, making Hiroki could not move, afraid that he will hurt kazu-chan. Hiroki actually understand if kazu-chan is warning him, but Hiroki can not obey kazu-chan to stay home, because he had to hand over his thesis today and he also have lots work to do in his part time job, he cant take day off.

“Kazu-chan, I understand okey. But I’ve to go, if I want to graduate next month I’ve to hand over my thesis today and I cant take day off from my part time job. Please calm down. I promise I’ll becareful, okey? Beside you’ll always beside me right, so calm down. You make me stress if you like this.” Said Hiroki frustrated. Finally kazu-chan stop his behaviour and just perch on hiroki’s shoulder. But he kept flapping its wings repeatedly.

“Good, be nice, okey?”

Hiroki look at his watch, “Ah yabbai, I’m late!” said Hiroki and run as fast as he can to his campus. He ignored kazu-chan’s warning to slow down.

Because In the rush, Hiroki not pay attention to his surroundings and he bump into someone which made him tumbling. Hiroki stood with difficulty and bowed to apologize.

“I’m so sorry. I’m almost late that’s why I didn’t pay attention to my surroundings.” said hiroki while bowing. Hiroki felt his shirt pulled by a man who he had bump into, making him look up at him. the man that he bump looks scary, there is a scar on his left cheek. From his appearance Hiroki could see if the man is a thug. Hiroki swallow his saliva and looked at him, frightened.

"You think you can get away just by apologizing." growled the man. behind the man there’re his friends who look not much different from him, they were mocking Hiroki.

“I… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.” Said Hiroki stuttered. kazu-chan still flapping its wings in panic.

"You think this can all be done with your ‘I’m sorry’?" snapped the man, and gripping Hiroki’s collar tighter, making Hiroki difficult to breath.

"Ah… So… so what should I do? "Ask Hiroki, he did not want to get into troubles. So he decided to follow the thug will.

"Ah, good boy. Give me your money." order him. Hiroki's face paled.

"I have no money." Reject Hiroki. The thug tighten his grip. "You want to live or not?" he snapped.


“Check his bag." Command the thug to his friends. They obey his orders. they snatch Hiroki’s bag. Hiroki struggled. He tried o escape from the man's grip, but he cant outdo the man’s strength. They managed to grab Hiroki’s bag. Kazu-chan flew towards the thugs tried to prevent them to rummage hiroki’s bag.

"Ah, damn butterfly."cried one of the thug and tried to shoo kazu-chan. The other success to i searched Hiroki’s bag and found money in the bag. Hiroki who saw it become panic and start to struggle. His face pale. Oh no they can not take the money. It for my graduation fee. He will not be able to graduate without the money.

When he saw his friend already get that money. The thug threw Hiroki to the ground. "Be a good boy" mocked him. He laugh out loud with his friends. Hiroki get up and try to get back the money. but his strength is not comparable with the thugs. The man who had hold him earlier, directs his fists to Hiroki’s face, Hiroki fell off, his lip was torn. He tried to get up, but the man kicked his stomach. Hiroki coughed and blood came out of his mouth. His vision blurred. But he could see the man who kicked him run backwards, away from him. He fell and looked very shocked. He tried to get up and follow his friends ran away from Hiroki. Hiroki looked at them, confused. Suddenly Hiroki can see Kazuya walked toward him with a worried face. When Kazuya getting closer to him, he lost his consciousness.


When Hiroki awoke, he found himself in hospital. His body covered with wounds. On the table near his bed, he saw an envelope containing the money which almost robbed by the thugs. kazu-chan perch on it. Hiroki smiled at kazu-chan. He stare at kazu-chan with a longing look.

"You fulfill your promise. I never thought it was you. Kazuya Thank you very much for protecting me and always stay by my side. Don’t leave me again. I love you. " Said Hiroki softly. Kazu-chan flew and perched on Hiroki’s lip. As if kissing Hiroki. Hiroki's lips trembled. "I love you, kazu.”

the end
fazlyn_nfazlyn_n on January 15th, 2011 02:49 pm (UTC)
Its Kazu....
Ohhh so sweet...

Kazu definitely will make a lovely butterfly...
Thanks for sharing...
Micchi: kamechiohryouchipi on January 15th, 2011 03:14 pm (UTC)
Un, it's kazu, hehe...
It's the only way so he can protect hiroki, hehe..

thank you so much for reading and leave comment, ♥
Kyena: Shigeshi??takara_hoshi93 on January 15th, 2011 02:51 pm (UTC)
I always have soft spot for Kameuchi~ this is sad but beautifully written~ Kame as butterfly? bet it hot~ LOLOLOL~
Micchi: kamechiohryouchipi on January 15th, 2011 03:16 pm (UTC)
of course, kame is always HOT, ♥_♥

thank you so much for reading and leave comment ♥
Chikachika1611 on January 15th, 2011 03:11 pm (UTC)
Wow~ so sweet~ XDDD
Micchiohryouchipi on January 15th, 2011 03:17 pm (UTC)

nggak nyangka kamu bakal baca, *kangen chika*

thanks bgt udah baca ya.
lilly0: Uchililly0 on January 15th, 2011 04:36 pm (UTC)
Ahh...you finished it! *hugs*
It's so beautiful - the idea with the butterfly was so sweet O_O
Poor Kazu! But in the end he is still at Uchi's side.
Micchi: kamechiohryouchipi on January 15th, 2011 04:41 pm (UTC)
thank you so much for reading it, ♥

I got this idea from Indonesian fiction, and beside i've soft spot for butterflies, hehe... butterfly is beautiful!

once again thank you so much for reading it.
dorayaki_chandorayaki_chan on January 16th, 2011 01:35 pm (UTC)
Aaaaaaaw sweet tapi kok sedih ya X'( cerita nya :)
Micchiohryouchipi on January 17th, 2011 01:16 am (UTC)
iya, ^-^'

thanks bgt udah baca ya. ♥
kazu_chan_lovekazu_chan_love on January 17th, 2011 11:26 am (UTC)
it is sad, sweet and beautiful..
kazu became a butterfly
but at least he is still at uchi's side:)

thanks for this♥♥
Micchi: kamechiohryouchipi on January 17th, 2011 02:30 pm (UTC)
un, i want they to be together forever, ^-^v

Thank you so much for reading and leave comment ♥_♥
fancyann1974fancyann1974 on January 20th, 2011 03:39 am (UTC)
so beautiful and sweet
thank you so much for sharing
Micchi: kamechiohryouchipi on January 20th, 2011 11:47 am (UTC)
thank you so much for reading and let me know you like it
higibeep on April 14th, 2011 04:30 am (UTC)
Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

kagemihari - shadow watcher: je kat-tun - kame youflamesword on June 7th, 2013 09:29 am (UTC)
Awww. I thought that might be where you were going with it...very sad and sweet, it's a lovely idea. It was a little confusing in the middle there, I had some trouble following the English; you might want to clean up the translation a bit if you have the time, at least even out the random capitalisations - it's very distracting to have the names only in capitals half the time, lol.

Mainly though I had trouble telling where the flashback begins and ends, I didn't realise it was one at first. Then I thought oh, he's not really dead, they just had a fight...but I was wrong. :( However, the butterfly!Kame is the most adorable thing, and I love that Hiroki caught a glimpse of him in the end and realised who it was.
Micchiohryouchipi on June 25th, 2013 12:27 am (UTC)
thank you so much for your comment,
if i have time, i'll try to polish it,
i really appreciate it. ^_^
it's nice to read your comment, so i know where i made mistakes.