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01 February 2011 @ 10:34 am
Tittle : Hell month
Author : micchi
Pairing : Ryouchi, akame
genre : not sure, trying to make crack but i think i'm failed
words : 3824
disclaimer : johnny own them.
summary : ryo take reveange on rena because she kissed uchi, but of course he's not the one who do the scheme, what the used to have a bakanishi as a friend if ryo not use him ne.
warning : gramatical error and un-betaed.

this is the sequel of my previous fic fuck you kissing scene!!

“Ne, jin. Do you know how to kill someone without anyone know?”Collapse )
15 January 2011 @ 09:11 pm
Tittle : My Butterfly
Author : Micchi
pairing :kameuchi
genre : it should be Mystery right? AU
rating : PG
disclaimer : how i wish i can have Uchi and Kame
summary : Everytime Hiroki go the park, a beautiful butterfly always watching him.
warning : Bad english.

This fanfic for kamexuchi's fanfic contest but i dont know if it fit with the qualifications. ma at least i tried ne. wish you like it.
and i got this idea after reading indonesian fiction bout butterfly.

my butterflyCollapse )
10 September 2010 @ 12:41 am
Tittle : Make monja for me!!!
Author : Micchi
pairing : Ryouchikame (friendship)
characters : all of kanjani8, news's members and Akame, plus miyao shuntaro
genre : try to make crack, friendship
rating : PG
disclaimer : how i wish i can have ryouchi and akame.
summary : Uchi is craving for homemade monja, and asked his best friends to make it for him.
warning : grammer error, typos, some wrong words, etc. i'm so sorry but i'm in rush, hontou ni gomenasai. will edit it later.

note : this is my birthday present for Uchi and this is base on uchi's latest message in dengonban for kame, you can read it at enshinge's

make monja for me!!!Collapse )
31 August 2010 @ 08:06 am
Tittle : Happy Birthday, Micchi
Author : miitla
pairing : Nishikido Ryo x OC, Uchi Hiroki X OC
genre : romance, fluff
rating : PG
disclaimer : I dont own Ryouchi, they belong together.
summary : Ryo's birthday present, ♥_♥

note : thank you so much miitla for the birthday fic, ♥_♥

“otanjoubi omedetou, Micchiiiii,”Collapse )
20 April 2010 @ 10:27 pm
title : Zutto
pairing : Nishikido Ryo x OC
genre : romance, angst
rating : not sure
disclaimer : I dont own Ryo, I just own the OC
summary : Ryo lost his love. again..

thanks to ohryouchipi who help me translate this fic. ah, I really suck in english..

"aishiteru. zutto.."Collapse )
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01 April 2010 @ 08:48 am
Tittle : Let's vote Hime-chan!
Author : micchi
Pairing : none
Characters : kanjani8 (8 nin)
genre : not sure, trying to make crack but i think i'm failed
words : 1597
disclaimer : i wish i can bought them
summary : just eito's stupid conversation after reading nikkansport nomination list.
warning : gramatical error and un-betaed.

A/N sorry for lame story, but again i cant help not to write it when i read the nominators name, and since all day i just watching eito, that's why i make this fic. it's really nice imagine eito mocking ryo. but i think i'm failed at the conversation. but i wish you all can enjoy it.
The words in italic are ryo's thought.

“Ne, ne, what do you think, we should vote hiro-chan or ryo-chan?”Collapse )

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13 March 2010 @ 06:09 pm
Tittle : fuck you kissing scene!!
Author : micchi
Pairing : Ryouchi
genre : not sure, trying to make crack but i think i'm failed
words : 1253
disclaimer : johnny own them.
summary : ryo's reaction after hearing bout uchi's kissing scene.
warning : gramatical error and un-betaed.

A/N sorry for lame story, but i cant help myself to make this fic after hearing bout that news. you can find the news here. "Guys and dolls" press conference post by mykamui
and wish you all enjoy it. ^-^v


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12 March 2010 @ 07:14 am
Tittle : Stay with me
Author : Micchi
Pairing : Ryokame
Genre : Angst, Romance
Disclaimer : Both character and the story are not mine.
Warning : Character death and grmammer error, bad english and un-betaed.
Summary :

Stay With Me
Don't Let Me Go
Cause I Can't Be Without You
Just Stay With Me
And Hold Me Close
Because I've Built My World Around You
And I Don't Wanna Know What's It Like Without You
So Stay with Me
Just Stay With Me

A/N this fic is based from punkindesu's ryokame fanvid, stay with me. i really love this fanfic it's so sad and since it always playing in my head finally i made this fic, well not as good as the fanvid but at least i tried ne, i really wish you like it as much as the fanvid, and to punkindesu sorry if i kinda mess it up, ne...
for the character, for ryo's charcter you can imagine Asou haruto and Aoi Ryousuke and for kame you can imagine Odagiri Ryu and Ishida Yuya/yuuki. basically the fic is in flashback.

And you can found the fanvid here Stay with me Fanvid if you havent watch it yet, you should watch it because it's really good.
and for the lyric it taken from danity kane's stay with me if you want read the full lyric you can find it HERE
the lyric is awesome too. <33333333

stay with me... please stay with me...Collapse )

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26 February 2010 @ 01:33 pm
Tittle : No need to upset turtle...
Author : Micchi
Pairing : Ryoxkame, (lot mention of uchi)
Genre : ???
Rating : ???
words : 1748
Disclaimer : i wish they are mine
Warning : English is not my main language so there's lot Gramatical errors and un-beta-ed.
Summary : Kame feel upset because his failure at TFP (and because someone) and ryo's trying to cheers him up or not??

A/N ehm.... i know i'm failed and it's so lame but i need to get it out from my system, and i want ryokame so that's why i made this fic. and i'm just to amused at kame's failure at TFP2, never imagine that he'll failed there. and i dont know when TFP2 aired, i mean the time and it's live or recorded, so i just made up bout TFP2 thing.
so sorry for this lame story, but still wish that you can enjoy it.

to the upset turtleCollapse )

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24 February 2010 @ 02:45 am
Title : Please come back to me
Author : ohryouchipi
Pairing : Kame x OC (Yabuki Natsumi)
Genre : Angsty
Rating : maybe PG?
Disclaimer : i wish he is my brother
Warning : Gramatical error.
Summary : Kame love her, still love her, and want her back to his life, but She didnt want to. can kame make the one he love back to him?
sorry for the suck summary.

A/N this fic is for Kame's birthday but i failed to post it yesterday. and this fic is half translated by me and the other half by miitla.
The soundtracks or the song that inspired me for this fic were Please Come Back to Me by KATTUN, I Want You Back by N'SYNC, and I Need You tonight by Backstreet Boys.
and for the OC name, like you see, Yabuki came from Yabuki Hayato and Natsumi from natsu (bandage) you can say it's akame if you want, ^-^v

please come back to me....Collapse )

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