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31 August 2010 @ 08:06 am
Happy B'day, Micchi!  
Tittle : Happy Birthday, Micchi
Author : miitla
pairing : Nishikido Ryo x OC, Uchi Hiroki X OC
genre : romance, fluff
rating : PG
disclaimer : I dont own Ryouchi, they belong together.
summary : Ryo's birthday present, ♥_♥

note : thank you so much miitla for the birthday fic, ♥_♥

There was a little girl, who sit alone in front of the class. she waiting for her best friend, while her best friend still talking with two boys –one is that little girl boyfriend and the other one is the best friend’s boyfriend- and she didn’t notice it. she face the sky, wondering why she feels so lonely today.

“what will we do? what’s your plan, Ryo?” ask the best friend to one of those boys.

“I wanna make a surprise for her. but I dont even know what will I do! any idea, Uchi?” ask the boy named Ryo to the other boy.

“eh? ore? zen zen..” answer the other boy called Uchi while he shakes his head means doesn’t have any idea.

“Michan?” ask Ryo to the best friend.
Michan –the best friend- smiling. “well, I do have an idea.”
and that little girl still waiting, waiting and waiting her best friend to come to her, to vanish her loneliness.


“hora, Micchi. mitte! my new handphone. kawaii deshou ne?” Michan yelling to her best friend and shows her new handphone. white with a lot of green line.

“un, kawaii ne Michan..” answer that little girl, Micchi unheard. she lost her spirit today.

“because I forgot to save all the number in my old phone, now I just have your number, Hiroki’s and Ryo’s. just those number that I remember. huah..” Michan continue talking bout her new handphone. it doesn’t mean Micchi won’t hear all Michan words but she just too.. tired today. she just want to go home.

suddenly, Michan stop talking. “rr.. I guess I need to use the bathroom.” and she’s gone, run to the toilet.

drrt drrt

Michan’s handphone ringing. new message.

‘well, it wasn’t me who sent her message. so, it’s Ryo or Uchi.’ that’s what Micchi think. because she just wanna know, she took Michan’s phone and read the message.

from: Ryochan
to: Michan
subject: date ^^
park. after school. ja ne~

‘nani kore? Michan and Ryochan.. date? uso!!’ Micchi put Michan’s phone on Michan’s desk and pretend doesn’t know anything bout that while Michan back from toilet. she open her phone and write something smiling.


‘what will Ryo do with Michan?’ Micchi walk alone from class when the school already over. Michan left her, without any word. ‘maybe I should follow them to the park.’
and she start walking to the park. wish that word –date- is not true. her best friend dating her boyfriend? it’s impossible, darou?


“eh, Uchi? doushita no?” ask Micchi when she meets Uchi near the park.
Uchi put her point finger in front of his lips. “sst. I just following Ryo. I guess there’s something between Michan and him.”

“hontou? so, it’s not only me who feel that thing? I’m here because of that too!” reply Micchi. she ‘s pretty sure now there’s something between Michan and Ryo.
and there’s Michan, walk happily while humming one of her favorite song. she’s walking to a boy who waiting for her on one of the swing.

“that’s her. and him..” said Micchi. she feels.. jealous.

“ne, Ryochan. sorry for make you wait.” Michan start the conversation.

“no. I just arrived. wanna ice cream?” ask Ryo, smilling.

“un!” Michan answer happily and Ryo buys some ice cream near the swing.
they both start to laugh while eat their ice. they both really look like a couple. Micchi can’t hold it anymore. Ryo is her boyfriend and Michan is her best friend –if still after this thing- so they can’t be together!

“you want to face them?” ask Uchi to Micchi.

Micchi nods. so, she and Uchi start to walk to face Michan and Ryo.
but.. Uchi slower his steps, makes him standing behind Micchi. and hop! Micchi can’t see anything. Uchi close her eyes with his hands.

“Uchi? doushita? why you close my eyes?”

she can’t see anything for couple minutes. she start angry. “Uchi, let me go!”
when Uchi open his hands from Micchi’s eyes..

“otanjoubi omedetou, Micchiiiii,” Michan, Ryo and Uchi yelling. Micchi can see that Ryo holding a rose, for her.

“so.. you both didn’t dating?” ask Micchi, point Michan and Ryo.

“of course not! Ryo is your boyfriend and I already have this cute baka boy,” Michan reply while hugging Uchi’s hand.

“so, I’m baka?” Uchi ask Michan.

“yes, you are, Hiroki! and just shut up! Ryo want to say something to Micchi..” then Michan walk away with Uchi, make a distance from Micchi and Ryo.

“for you,” Ryo saying and gives that rose to Micchi, makes her smile for the first time today.

“thank you..” answer Micchi. she can cry right now.

“dont blame me. it’s Michan’s idea.. but still.. happy birthday.” Ryo come closer to Micchi, makes their nose meet. and, Ryo kiss her.

緑ちゃんmiitla on August 31st, 2010 12:57 pm (UTC)
Hehe thanks for your comment :D

Nope, like Micchi said, Michan is me hehe.
Yes we're twin, ne Micchi? XD
And we share RyoUchi together LOL