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10 September 2010 @ 12:41 am
make monja for me!!!  
Tittle : Make monja for me!!!
Author : Micchi
pairing : Ryouchikame (friendship)
characters : all of kanjani8, news's members and Akame, plus miyao shuntaro
genre : try to make crack, friendship
rating : PG
disclaimer : how i wish i can have ryouchi and akame.
summary : Uchi is craving for homemade monja, and asked his best friends to make it for him.
warning : grammer error, typos, some wrong words, etc. i'm so sorry but i'm in rush, hontou ni gomenasai. will edit it later.

note : this is my birthday present for Uchi and this is base on uchi's latest message in dengonban for kame, you can read it at enshinge's

Uchi Hiroki, just like his best friend, Nishikido Ryo, love to eat, he even said “A popular man is someone who eats a lot” when he asked “What makes a popular guy?” in one of Yamanade promotion on Osama no brunch. But not like his best friend who loves cooking, Hiroki hates cooking. Okey, maybe hate is too harsh word, he just doesn’t like to cook, he can cook and the result pretty good but he doesn’t like to eat his own cooking, he prefer to eat something that made by his mother or his friends than his own cooking. It’s just like after he cooks he doesn’t have any courage to eat it, like suddenly he feels full only by cooking, thats why he doesn’t like cook for himself because it’s such a waste, at the end he will not eat it, but he’d love to cook for others. He even prefer to cook for others and others cooks for him.
And right now he suddenly craving for his best friends cook especially monjayaki aka monja, kanto’s version of okonomiyaki. And that’s all because of Kamenashi Kazuya, his another best friend who loves cooking.But for kame, he’s not glutton like Hiroki and Ryo. Once, when Hiroki came to Kame’s apartement he made monja for Hiroki, and Hiroki immediately fall in love with it. But the bad thing is, not like okonomiyaki which he can eat wherever it comes from, homemade by his mother or friends or from some unknown restaurant. But this monja, he can only eat if it’s made by kame, once he ate it in some restaurant and he didn’t like it. It taste different from kame’s. kame’s is the best.

Now, he wants kame’s monja badly. He even called and sent kame message asking him to make monja for him. the extrim thing he done was left kame message in wink up which said “Make monja for me again” but Kame seems want to ignore Hiroki because none of his calls and messages replayed by kame and that’s make him feel annoyed and upset. He knew that kame currently busy with KATTUN’s world tour but at least in Hiroki’s mind, kame can replay his message to said that “No, he cant make it” or “yes, but after world tour”, maybe Hiroki will less upset. But no, the great Kamenashi kazuya choose to ignore him, and Hiroki being his drama self thought that kame doesn’t think him as his friend, and that make hiroki feels more miserable.
So to make him feel better, the only way is call his other best friend. Hiroki wait patiently until it connect. His so called best friend not pick up the phone until the eight calls.

“Yo, shakkun what’s up?” answer his best friend

“Ryo-midget-chan, where the hell have you been? Why you pick it up just now?” said Hiroki upset.

“Such nice words do you have! If you don’t have better thing to do it doesn’t mean I’m not.” Said ryo cynically. Hiroki just keep silent and sulking. “by the way, why do you call? And no sulking”

“Hufp, will you satisfied if I said I miss you? It’s been three months the last time we met.”

“Hahahaha… liar, tell me what you want, I don’t have much time, I’m in studio for Joker’s filming.” Hiroki pouts. “No use to pout Uchi, I cant see you so it’s no effect on me.” Hiroki sigh, damn Nishikido!

“Make monja for me!” said Hiroki to the point.


“you hear me, make monjayaki for me!” ask no order Hiroki.

“What the hell! Why in the world I make monjayaki for you? I’m busy!” refuse Ryo, but he cant help himself to not feel amused at Hiroki’s request, nope Hiroki’s order.

“Please Ryo-chan, make one for me, please I’ll do anything to repay you.” Beg Hiroki.

“You just go to monjayaki restaurant, no need to bother me with such silly thing Uchi Hiroki! And if you dont have money, I’ll gladly to lend you some.” Said Ryo. he sometime cant understand Hiroki’s way of thinking.

“I’m not that poor, Nishikido Ryo, I have money too!!!”

“So, just go buy it?!”

“I don’t like it! It taste bad. It taste different from homemade.” Sulked Hiroki.

“You’re such diva Hiroki! And beside I cant make it! It make sense if you ask me to cook okonomiyaki but monjayaki? I’m an osakan for God’s sake! Why not ask your kanto friends? I think your best buddy kamenashi will love to make it for you?” said ryo sarcastically.

“You can see the receipt, you are great cook, Ryo-chan. I know you can do it!” coax Hiroki.

“Ah, sou?!” said ryo with tone full of sarcasm.

“Okey, I tried to ask kame to do that but he ignores me and didn’t replay my calls and messages.” Said Hiroki bitterly.

“Ah, so I’m just replacement? Another reason for me to not make it for you. The answer is No!!”

“No, you’re not a replacement…. “

“Is that so? So why you not call me first? Why you call me just after kame ignored you?” said ryo sarcastically. Hiroki fall silent.


“That’s because Kame who made me monja first and I love his monja. And I know you will react like this, I mean the “it’s better okonomiyaki”’s part.” whine Hiroki.

“If you know that why bother? Anyway, I’ve back to work. Just go buy it. Ask someone to go with you, if you really want to eat it! But don’t ask me because I’m busy until next week.” Said Ryo and disconnect the phone.

Hiroki looks at his phone bewilderd, What, that midget hang up on me! argh…. Uchi fall on his bed. Ehm..so now, what should I do? Damn Nishikido Ryo! damn Kamenashi kazuya! Argh!!!!
While whinning, he scrable his phone book and try to contact one by one his friends list, but it’s seem that everyone is busy. Even his most glutton friends Tacchon and Yoko refuse his invitation. Not to mention the seniors and the juniors that he knew, everyone refuse him. what the hell?! Uchi keep wondering why. But at the end of the day, Koyama call him and ask him to eat ramen with shige and massu instead. And he accept it just for make himself feel better.


It’s already one week after the last time he called ryo and still he hasn’t eat monjayaki yet. The reason are first , he still waiting for Kame or Ryo to make it for him, and the second one is he doesn’t want to go to Monjayaki restaurant alone. And it’s seem that everybody that he know very busy and always refuse his invitation. That’s why he still craving for it until now.

But after what ryo said, it doesnt mean Hiroki stop trying to persuade Ryo. He kept persuade Ryo, and Ryo kept ignore him, if he didnt ignore him, Ryo will answer Hiroki with

“Go buy it!”

“I’m not your cook!”

“Just bother Kamenashi instead!”

“i’m busy!”

“Are you pregnant or what? Why the hell you craving like that?” and because this sentence silly thought cross Hiroki’s mind. How if he pregnant? But after think it again, he realize that it’s imposible for men to pregnant. And that ease his mind, actaully he has panic attacked at that moment. And the last sentence that make Hiroki not bother Ryo again is, “If you call again, i’m gonna kill you!” that kill word nade hiroki immediately stop calling Ryo, but only for that day.

After failed with Ryo and still ddidnt get replay from kame, Hiroki try to bother Yoko and Tacchon. But of course both of them cant accompany him too. Tacchon because he is busy with dorama filming and Yoko busy with Hina. He tried to call Yasu, Maru and Baru. But Maru cant came because he still in Kyoto, while Baru gladly offering to cook for Hiroki but Hiroki refuse it because he doesnt want die young, who knows maybe Baru will put something posionous in it. Baru’s cook is the worst. And lastly after so many time bothering him, Yasu agreee to accompany him. But Yasu not alone surprisingly Massu came too, it’s seem that when Hiroki call, Yasu was in shopping date with Massu. From Massu’s reference they came to this the best monjayaki restaurant in Tokyo, but after Hiroki taste it, he think kame’s still the best. And he hate it. Whn he said it to them, they just can pats him and for the first time Massu come out with vry good idea.

“How bout we asked Koyamna’s sister to make it for you?” suggest him, and never in Hiroki’s life that he loves Massu very much. He even gave Massu bear hug. So after call Koyama, and Koyama call his sister, they finally reach an agreement that on Friday, Sept 10th they will eat monjayaki in koyama’s house.

Hiroki is so excited and cant wait for that day, he bet koyama’s sister cooking as the best as
kame’s, she is chef after all.


The waiting day finally come. Uchi is so excited, fiinally he can taste super good Monjayaki.
From wake up until Shige pick him up, he cant stop smilling, he just like kid. On 1 pm, Shige come to pick him up, and they go to Koyama’s house together. When they arrived at Koyama’s house, they meet with restless, guilty and worried koyama.

“I’m so sorry Ucchan, today you cant eat monja again. So sorry.” Uchi just stare at him blankly, It’s Lie right? No way!

“Eh?” Hiroki’s smart respon.

“What are you talking bout?” asked Shige.

“My sister has family problem so today she cant come here. She really sorry, but it’s really important matter, wish ou understand.” Said Koyama guiltily.

“Oh, that’s why. It’s okey. Wish your sister can solve her problem.” Said uchi half-heartly.

“Ah, how bout we eat ramen? I bet you guys hungry.” Offer Koyama.

“That’s good idea, I’m starving.” Said Shige and they go to Koyama’s restaurant. Uchi walk lazily, I don’t want to eat ramen, I want monja!!! Scream Hiroki angrily in his mind. He just keep it for himself because he doesn’t want to make Koyama feel worse than he already is.

After eat ramen, Koyama ask Hiroki to hang out with him and Shige which Hiroki accept gladly, he doesn’t want spent that day alone. So for make Hiroki feel better, Koyashige take Hiroki to Disney land. They have so much fun there, Hiroki even don’t want that day to end, but of course it’s imposible. When they already explore all the place, exchange news bout each other, they finally decide to end that day and back to Hiroki’s apartement for drinking and continue their catch up. Actually Hiroki beg Koyashige to come to his apartement, because he really dosent want to spent that day alone not in his birthday. Although Koyashige don’t remember his birthday and failed to eat homemade monja again but Hiroki doesn’t mind since they spent this day with him. and he really have a good time.

When he arrive at his apartement, He feel giddy because finally he is not alone in his apartement, Hiroki really hate alone. He feel left out. But when he standing in front of his apartement door, he kinda shock and scared, because his door apartement is open, he remember clearly that before he out, he locked it. So now, why in the hell it open slightly?

“Eh, Why it’s open?” said Hiroki worried.

“Maybe it’s your mom or Nishikido-kun, you said he has your apartement’s key?” said Shige.

“Uchi don’t Panic, you make me scared if panic.” Said koyama, he and Hiroki already hug each other. Shige can only roll his eyes.

“Shall we come in or not?” asked shige inpatiently.

“Yes, but you go first!” said Koyama. Without say something Shige walk in and followed by Hiroki and Koyama.

Hiroki raisehis eyebrows when he look at dozen pairs of shoes and noise from his living room. He run to his living room and meet with all kanjani8’s members, Yamapi, Jin, Tegoshi, Massu, Kame, Miyao shuntaro. Wait, KAME??!!!

“What are you doing?” asked Hiroki shock.

“Ah, finally you back. Of course we are waiting for you idiot.” Said Ryo grinning.

“but… but why?? And Kazuya, you’re here!!!” said Uchi loudly and still cant believe his eyes.

“Of course i‘m here. You said that you want monja, right? So here I am, collab with Yasubei-san to make you special monja.” Said kame while send uchi his knowing smile.

“But… eh?”

“oh come on Uchi, cant you stop act like an idiot? You look ugly like that!” said Subaru nonchalantly.

“Ucchan, Happy Birthday!!!” said Maru who come out from kitchen and hugs Hiroki tightly, he eve kiss hiroki’s cheek. Uchi just can blink, dumbfound. And the most unpredict/predictable thing is, they sing News’s song Happy birthday for him. Hiroki feel overwhelmed, his tears threaten to fall. One by one his friends hugs him, and wish him happy birthday while ruffle his hair or pats him.

“Thank you so much guys” said Hiroki with teary eyes.

“Oh no, princess don’t cry, if you cry I’ll eat your monja.” Tease Yoko, uchi’s pout half-heartly.

“No way, Kimi-kun, I’ll not give you any!!” Hiroki put out his tounge. They all laugh at Hiroki.

“Now, now, let’s eat, here.” Offer kame, in his small living room table, prepared all of his favourite food, especially monja. Uchi look at it beamingly, he cant wait to eat it. So because he cant wait, he immediately sit down in front of the table and said, “Itadakimasu!!!” and will eat his monja when he see Tacchon will take a slice of it.

“Nooooooooooooo!!! You cant eat it Ohkura Tadayoshi, none of you!!! Monja only for me! and none from these foods. “ scream Uchi. Which make all of them stare at him werdly.

“Are you kidding? You will eat it alone?” asked Yoko, cant believe his hear.

“Yeps, it’s my punishment for you all because all of you ignore me. ah, but for Kei-chan, Shige, Massu and Yasu, four of you can eat it, since you all so nice to me. but for the rest of you, no one cant it!! That’s final!” said uchi childishly. The rest of them just can shake their head, but not for Tacchon who already sulking.

“but I cant help it, I was working!!” argue him. there’s no way Tacchon will not get any food.

“I don’t care!!!” said Uchi.

“Ah, okey then so, we will take back our present. We already prepared you nice presents but because you don’t let us eat, so we will bring the present back home, ne?” said Yoko evilly. That’s make Uchi pouting.

“that’s not pair!” whine him.

“ma… ma… I can make you monja again if it not enough, I bought lot ingredients ne.” said kame wisely.

“Ehm… okey, but you have to tell me why you ignore me first?! If you give me good reason, all of them can eat it.” Challenge Uchi. Jin, Tacchon, Yoko, Subaru, and Yamapi look at kame expectedly, while the others just roll their eyes.

“Well, you know, I’m busy with world tour right? And after I got your message, Ryo-chan called me to ignore you, he want to make a prank on you and make surprise for you, that’s why.” Answered Kame smile slightly. Uchi give ryo his deathly stare but ryo just ignore him.

“So, is it accepted or not?” asked tacchon impatiently.

“Hai… hai… you all can eat!” said Hiroki, without wasting time Tacchon, Jin and Yoko greedily eat the foods.

Although he kinda upset but Hiroki is so happy, no it’s beyond happy, that all of his friends there to celebrate his birthday. Hiroki cant help to not smilling. That night Hiroki sleep with ease. And all of them sleep over in Hiroki’s apartement. After that night Hiroki think, he loves monja more now. Monja is the best!!!!

Chikachika1611 on September 10th, 2010 01:10 am (UTC)
LOL! Uchi lucuuuuu~ XDDD

Btw, minal aidin wal faidzin juga ya Micchi~ *hugs*
Micchiohryouchipi on September 10th, 2010 02:37 am (UTC)
yay, ternyata berhasil bwt crack,hehe

ya, chika, minal aidzin wal faidzin, mohon maaf lahir bathin.
Maafin kesalahanku ya.
Have a great day!