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01 February 2011 @ 10:34 am
oneshot : Hell month  
Tittle : Hell month
Author : micchi
Pairing : Ryouchi, akame
genre : not sure, trying to make crack but i think i'm failed
words : 3824
disclaimer : johnny own them.
summary : ryo take reveange on rena because she kissed uchi, but of course he's not the one who do the scheme, what the used to have a bakanishi as a friend if ryo not use him ne.
warning : gramatical error and un-betaed.

this is the sequel of my previous fic fuck you kissing scene!!

Ryo clench his fist, bitting his bottom lips and he produce a deadthly aura. He look intensely at the stage. If eyes can kill, the girl on that stage was already dead. Yeps, ryo who is exactly know what will happen in that stage play, being his DoM self, he decided to watch that butai and that’s the worst idea ever, because now, ryo barely can control himself to not walk to the stage and drag uchi out from this theater and to not slap the girl because she was kissing his Hiroki. That 2 hour butai really feel like hell for Ryo, but well that’s his fault ne? who asked him to come?


The second time he watched the butai didn’t lessen his mood, he thought that he can used to it and feel nothing but he was wrong, he still cant used to it. He feel like punching someone. How he wish that the butai will over soon. He kept staring at that girl with deathly glared. How he wish he can killed that girl with his eyes and on the stage Sasamoto Rena felt that someone trying to bore a hole on his head and Rena shivering. The intense stare gave rena goosebumps.


The third time he watch the butai his head feel like burning and there’s time that he will start imagine that he was doing something bad to that girl, like tied her on chair and whipping her with very big belt. Or he will mutilation that girl and feed that girl mutilate body to killer whale. That though made smirk show up on his face. He smirk whickedly imagine how he will torture that poor girl. but of course the thought only thought, he never did any of his wild imagination. After all, Nishikido Ryo is sharp tounge who afraid with prince(ss) Uchi Hiroki. So he just can buried his anger in his deepest mind because the last thing he want to happen is uchi hiroki dumped him and decide to live together with Tacchon or Yoko. As if that will happen! Not if Hiroki want to skin alive by Hina and yasu. But of course ryo forget bout that fact.


Like everytime after watching uchi’s stage play, ryo will shown a deathly aura. This day is no different. Ryo sitting in NEWS’s dreasing room with grim aura. None of news member brief enough to greet ryo. they want to still life. And when Jin with cheerful self enter the room, all NEWS members except Ryo look at him frightened.

“What?” asked him dumbfound. Koyama point Ryo with his eyes, and Jin finally look at Ryo who is sitting on the couch with grim aura. Jin is shivering. Wah, so scary!!! Jin asking koyama what happen to Ryo with his eyes but only got a shrug as answer.

“Ne, jin. Do you know how to kill someone without anyone know?” asked Ryo suddenly made all of news members and Jin look at Ryo bewildered.

“Wh… who do you want to kill? As long as I remember for this past few days I never doing something stupid, well except the fact that I’ll have solo live in LA, but i don’t think you can kill me with that reason. I mean if KTTUN, I’ll understand but you?” answerd jin incoherently. ryo narrowed his eyes. “Who said I’m gonna kill you? Or did you doing something bad?” asked Ryo suspiciously.

“No… no… of course no! so who do you want to kill?” asked Jin curious.

“Sasamoto Rena.” Answered Ryo shortly.

“Who?” asked Jin confuse. But with that answered all news members sigh of relief. And one by one they doing their activities. No one take attention to ryo anymore well except Jin who still dumbfound.

“Hey, Who is Sasamoto Rena?” repeat jin. Yamapi pats jin shoulder.

“Geez Jin, where have you been, how can you didn’t know bout her?”

“I really confuse here Pi, cant you tell me why Ryo-chan want to kill her?”

“Well, maybe because ryo-chan jealous?” said Yamapi with mocking tone.

“I’m not jealous!” bark Ryo.

“Hai… hai… yeah you are not jealous just angry because she can taste uchi’s lips for whole

“Pi!” hissed Ryo dangerously but Yamapi know ryo best. He cant angry and over power Yamapi. Not
like jin, ryo can easily control that bakanishi.

“Taste uchi’s lips? Eh.. what that’s mean?” Yamapi just can shake his head.

“Jin, can you not think only bout Kame? Can you take your surrounding attention?”

“Well, I only love Kame, so why need take attention to other things?” answered Jin smartly. Yamapi just rolled his eyes.

“So who’s Sasamoto Rena?”

“Asked Ryo,” answered Yamapi challengely.

“Do you want ryo to kill me?” chirped Jin.

“No, if you can give me good idea.” Answered Ryo. Jin gulped.

“Well, maybe you can poisoned her? But you’re not serious right? You’ll not killed her, right? You can get trouble if you do that?”

“Well, what will you do if someone can kiss your kame for whole month? More than he was kissing
you?” Jin gulped.

“Well, kill her/him? But still I can bear it, he often do that for his dorama, you know. And beside my kissing scene hotter than all of you, so I think we equal? so I cant angry?” Ryo give Jin his deathly glare, and Jin swallow his saliva.

“Well, maybe you can mess her up, but don’t kill her. For God’s sake Ryo, you cant killed her, how if you get prisoned because of that? Or Uchi know bout that, he’s gonna angry!!” jin trying desperately to change ryo’s mind.

“That’s why you’ll the one who doing that dirty things, ne?” said Ryo sweetly. And jin sweated.

“No… no… Kame will kill me if he find out!”

“So don’t make him find out!”

“Ryo,” begging Jin.

“No jin, you’ll doing that!” Ryo smiled evilly. “If not I’ll tell kame that you ruined his precious gloves and not only that I’ll tell him that you not just casually hang out with BOA but you kissed her too and almost bang her if kame didn’t call.” Threat Ryo. Jin look at yamapi begging him to help him. Yamapi just shrug.

“Good luck Jin,” answered Yamapi. And at that time he really want to kill both of his friends but unfortunately he loves them too much, so he cant do nothing.

That’s why the next uchi’s show jin show up at the theater one hour before the butai started. He disguised as one of the staffs and put something in Rena’s bento. The result was at the show Rena look so pale and she tried her best to bear her twist stomach, after all she is professional. And the kissing scene kinda mess up and Ryo feel little satisfied with jin’s work.


Of course with that little acted cant make the butai stopped, but Ryo make decision if he cant stop the stage play, he’ll gave the girl hell. Well, let’s say that Ryo’ll take reveange to that girl because she kiss his uchi. But of course the one who’ll do the dirty job is Jin not him. Why must doing that job himself if he can threat Jin to doing that right?

So the next thing jin’s do was send Rena flowers, but of course the flower was manipulated, Jin gave something to that flower which make Rena cant stop sneezing. And she must trying really hard to not sneeze at the show. That’s made Rena almost mess up half of her line. And she cant sing properly.


And of course everyone will get suspicious if Rena kept getting physically harm so the next thing bakanishikido do was stalking rena, and once again, Ryo and surprisingly Jin was not the one who doing the stalking. They threat their junior to do that for them.

Rena felt really scare, at first they success to scare Rena, but something that they never predict happen. They never think that uchi will drove her home. And that made ryo furious. So mentally harm is failed so they back doing their previous plan to physically harm Rena.
The next thing jin do was put some itchy powder to Rena’s make up which make Rena’s body itchy and red spots cover her body. Satisfied with their work, ryo planned to change their tactic. He order jin to send Rena bloody letter and disturbed her with something horror. But because jin believe if ghosts existed and were very afraid of them for the first time he firmly refused Ryo’s command. Finally, the Jin decided to steal Rena’s costumes and Ryo agree with the idea. That's why once again jin is lurking in Rena’s dressing room. But this time Jin’s mission failed due to when he slipped into the room, kame was sitting nicely in there. Jin never been so scared to meet with kame. Kame smiles sweetly, makes jin shiver.

“Ah finaly I can meet with you, Akanishi-kun.” Uchi smile sweetly at jin. “I thought Ryo-chan, who will show up. I’m surprise that you volunteer yourself to do this dirty job.”
Help? Volunteer? If ryo not bloody blackmail me I’ll not do this stupid job. Thought Jin. But he flashing them with his stupid smile.

"Ne, Jin tell me. Are you the onw who was putting laxatives in Sasamoto-san’s food, break her car tires, stalking her, put itching drugs in her make-up, sent flowers that have been given a sneezing powder?” kame kept mentioning Jin and Ryo acts against Rena, and the list quite many. Jin swallowed.

“Well, No?”

“Jin,” said Kame dangerously.

“So, what are you doing here?” asked Uchi amused.

“Eh? I want to watch your butai and I think I should greet you but unfortunately I got lost!”
said Jin, the only perfect reason he know.

“Then why are you sneaking off like a thief?” accused kame.

“I am not!”

“We are not kids Jin! Tell us the truth!”


“I know when you’re lying jin?” warned kame.

“Well, Ryo-chan threaten me. and you know how scary he can be ne. he might killed me if I didn’t do what he order me.” whines jin.

“So, it’s Ryo-chan ne~~”

“don’t you ever think that I can be scarier than Ryo? and I can killed you too!”

“No, you cant! You love me too much!”

“oh yes jin, I can killed you! How can you doing that to Sasamato-san! i’m so ashame of you

“but Kame, Ryo-chan threaten me.”

“I don’t care! Uchi is my friend, how could you do that?”

“Ryo-chan is my friend too,” whisper Jin.

“But it doesn’t meant that you can help him doing something bad.” jin just keep silence. He feel guilty.

“apologize to uchi and sasamoto-san!” ordered kame.

“Ah, it’s okey kame. I should the one who has to apologize to you. Ne, akanishi-kun can you ask ryo-chan to wait me in our apartement but don’t tell him that we knew bout this.”

“Okey, but is it mean that I already forgiven?” asked jin hopefully.

“No,” answered kame.

“but kame?”

"Do what uchi asked." Command kame. Jin finally out of that room sullenly, but he did not forget asked the two pretty boys. "How do you know?"

"I saw you several times watched my butai and hanging around the dressing room but I'm not sure that was you and I finally asked Kame if he came with you to watch my butai and he said he never came with you. And kame also unintentionally your conversation with Ryo, that’s why we knew bout your scheme. And yamapi also told us the truth. "Answer uchi.

At that time uchi just returned to his dressing room when he saw Jin out of Sasamoto-san dressing room. Uchi wanted to say hello but could not because he already gone. When on stage he accidentally saw Ryo and Jin watched his butai. On same day Rena told Uchi that she thought someone was stalking her. However uchi was not suspicious that they were the one who behind it. But after the third time he had seen Jin wandering in dressing room, and every time he sees Jin there’s always something strange happened on Rena, do not need a genius to know if Jin was behind of those strange things. but uchi didn’t dared to accuse Jin, so he asked kame and kame, who was suspicious of why lately Jin disappeared, decided to eavesdrop on Ryo and Jin’s conversations and asks Jin behavior on yamapi. Yamapi, who thought that his best friends were very foolish, told bakanishikido’s evil plans lightly to kame. That's why that day kameuchi decided to catch them. and they succeeded.

Jin cursed Yamapi inwardly. *In his shooting location, Yamapi did not stop sneezing, same goes to Ryo-chan*


“Why are you here? Have you doing our mission?” asked ryo irritated when he saw jin waiting him in front of his work place. Jin’s just ruffled his hair.

“I’ve decided to be nice friends and pick you up. I know you didn’t bring your car, so here I am.” Grinned jin awkwardly. Ryo eyed him suspiciously.

“Seriously jin, why you here? Did you do your job right?” said ryo maliciously. Jin gulped.

“Of course I did! I bet she’s in trouble now. And the show in chaos.” Jin try hard to keep is voice as calm as possible. Shit, why people around me this scary. How I wish I’m already in LA. Oh… Johnny-san help me!!! scream jin’s in his mind.

“You bet?” growled Ryo. Jin keep praying for his safety.

“Well, after I stoled her clothes Johnny-san called me to back to jimushou. we talked bout my Live show in LA. So I left the theater. I still want to work ryo.” Jin try to act annoyed with ryo. Ryo seems to buy his lied because ryo said. “Then why you here? Why the sudden kindness?”

“Okey, Pi asked me to pick you up. We’ll have party. I don’t know what party. He just told me to pick you and wait him in your place, since he still in work and the party place is near your place.” Jin congrats himself because he’s getting better lying at ryo and ryo seems believe him. Oh, please God, let ryo believe it! pray jin.

“so, why we still here?” said ryo annoyed. Good job jin! Said jin to himself.

“Let’s go then.” Said jin too cheerfull.

In car, they talk bout so many things, but of course jin avoding the topic bout their mission. Jin kept talking bout his music and his plan in LA, that’s topic made ryo forget bout their mission. Ryo listen to jin plan passionately and sometime he’ll give jin advice. Without they realized they’d already in ryo’s front door. and the dread feeling that Jin felt earlier back again. his hand sweaty. I wish I can still alive tomorrow, pray jin sincerely.
When ryo enter his apartement, Uchi and kame already there waiting for them. Both pretty boys smile sweetly at him, especially Uchi, his smile is too sweet. Ryo raise his eyebrow.

“You back early. Hi kame.” Greeted ryo. although he feels there’s something wrong with this setting, but he ignores it.

“well, I miss you. We don’t have much time together lately. So when the show finish early, I back home as soon as possible. I made us dinner, kame here to help me to prepare it.” Uchi still smiling. Jin try to get out from ryo’s apartement but he catch kame’s glare that’s why he rooted in his spot, kept silence.

“Oh, I thought you forget me already.” Said ryo cynically. Uchi and kame roll their eyes.

“How can I forget you? Ah, I’m hungry, shall we eat then?” asked Uchi still being nice.

“I don’t think so, Jin said that we will go to Yamapi’s party.”

“What? So you will not eat it? Even I have to bother making the food for you.” Said uchi upset.
Jin’s eyes widen. Jin tried to take kame attention and when kame looks at him, jin give kame sign with his hands that he lied bout Pi.

“Ah, just before you came, Pi called me. he said the party was canceled. So should we eat now. We’ve been waiting for you for like forever.” said kame while he walks to kitchen. Three of them just stay in living room. The atmosphere is kinda awkward. Not long after that kame back bringing their menu for today and prepare it on table. When ryo saw what the menu was, he frown, and look at his boyfriend questionably but Uchi pretend he doesn’t realize that ryo look at him.

“Ittadakimasu!” said Uchi, while take his first bite. Jin pretend that he doesn’t exist, while kame just smile amusedly.

“Sushi?” asked ryo annoyed. Yeps their menu was sushi and more than that, there’s only sashimi, there’s no sea urchin, no tamago, no shrimp, no squid *which is kame’s favourite* there’s only sushi that ryo cant eat.

“un, sushi, I feel like to eat sushi, ne kame. It’s delicious ryo-chan, take a bite!” Uchi take one sushi and will feed it to ryo but ryo give him death glare. Uchi responed with same murderous look.

“What the hell it’s supposed to mean? Are you kidding me?” uchi put the sushi on his previous place, and give ryo his full attention. There’s no smile on his face.

“You tell me! I can believe you are this childish ryo. bullied Rena-chan just because she had kissing scene with me? are you five or what?” snapped Uchi. Ryo’s taken aback with Uchi’s outburst. While jin asked kame to out from this war battle, but kame ignored him and tell him that jin will get his punishment too. Jin only can pray to God now.

“What are you talking bout, I ne…”

“Don’t lie Ryo, jin told me everything.” Ryo send his death glare to jin. Jin gulp and grimace.

“I didn’t tell them, they found out!” jin defend himself.

“you’re idiot Jin!” insult ryo.


“you know he’s idiot. That’s why we called him bakanishi right?” said kame mockingly.

“kazu,” whined Jin. Kame just roll his eyes.

“Nishikido Ryo! I’m so ashamed of you. I’m so disappointed! You should apologize to her.”

“No, no way! Why should i? that’s what the last thing that I will do! No way I’d apologize to girl who snog my boyfriend!” snap ryo.

“It’s on script ryo! don’t be childish! Beside you promise me! this is so ridiculous ryo. if you still like this, I think I’ll just go to Tacchon’s place. I’d already called him, and he agreed to let me stay over at his place.” Said Uchi upset.

“No, you will not go there!” refuse ryo.

“Try me!” challenge Uchi. They look at each other heatly. No one want to lose this battle. Akame pair only watch bemused.

“Kazu, should we go now?” asked Jin.

“No, I want to see how it ended.” Kame smiles at jin sweetly. Jin sigh deeply.

“Why you three are so scary. Good thing I’ll go to America soon, so I can free from you guys.” Whisper Jin to himself but kame heard it and he frown.

“oh, so you think is the best that you go to LA? Then go and never come back again!” snapped kame and walk out, he’s so upset listen to jin’s outburst, he still cant get over the fact that
his boyfriend will go to LA for solo and leave KATTUN and him. Jin shocked.

“No, no kazu, I’m so sorry okey. I’m not serious. It’s just you guys drive me crazy! I need break from all of this. Please forgive me. I’ll do anything for you even if I have to apologize to that girl. Please kazu!” pleaded Jin, the last thing he wants is kame dump him. he love him too much. Kame stop his track and glared at Jin.

“Don’t go to LA.” Said kame. Jin dumbfound.

“Kazu, please… we talk bout this and you agreed. It’s just for awhile, it’s not that I’ll gone forever.”

“but still…..” kame look at jin’s pleading eyes and whatever that made him angry is gone. He take deep breath.

“Okey then, I’ll forget bout all of this but you should apologize to Sasamoto-san, and I’ll give you punishment.” Jin’s nodded eagerly. And then he remember that kame said bout punishment.

“but what punishment?” asked jin weakly. Kame smile wickedly.

“You’ll find out after ryo-chan give in.” said kame slyly.

Back to ryouchi pair, they still in eyes battle, but after 5 minutes, ryo finally give in. because he know if uchi determine to do something he’ll do that. And he doesn’t want Uchi dump him and go to Ohkura’s embrace, that’s the last thing he wants in this world.

“fine, I’ll apologozie, but you stay here!” uchi smile widely heard ryo’s words. He then hug ryo-chan and patting ryo’s head, like what mom do to her kids.

“good boy! ah, but not only that you will get some punishment.” Said uchi cheerfully. He kiss ryo’s head. Ryo just roll his eyes annoyed. Arghh… I cant believe I lost again. I’m so pathetic. Scream ryo in his head.


Then one week after that incident, of course after they apologize to Sasamoto Rena-san they got their punishment. And their punishment was both bakanishikido pair will pay for Uchi, kame and sasamoto rena’s travel fee to Kyoto. All expensed will paid by them, from hotel until souvenir. And it’s killing both of them. Because it’s well known that their boyfriends are shopaholic. And they bet this stupid trips will cost fortune.

“Ryo-chan is all your fault!!! I cant believe my saving will waste for nothing!” screamed jin at ryo outside the spa where Uchi, kame and Rena-chan get their treatment.

“Do you think I’m not broke either because of this? I’ve to delay my plan to complete my studio, you idiot! It’s your fault that you not careful!” snapped ryo back.

“Well, it’s your both fault. Both of you were so stupid, childish and stubborn.”

“And why the hell are you here Pi.” Asked Ryo annoyed. Pi just give his best friends his boyish smile.

“Well, your boyfriends invite me. so I don’t think I should skip this opportunity ne~~~” ryo and jin kick yamapi’s ass. Yamapi laugh at them.

“Why don’t we enjoyed this vacation! Come on let’s get treatment too, don’t sulking all day!”
Yamapi grab his best friends arms.

“Yeah… yeah… stupid Pi! How would you not enjoy it, after all it’s from our money!” growled ryo.

“I’ll not pay for you pumpkin!!! No way!” scream Jin.

“hai… hai… hai…” teased yamapi.

And with that six of them enjoy their vacation in Kyoto. Well four of them, because Ryo and Jin still loathe that vacation.

fancyann1974fancyann1974 on February 1st, 2011 04:14 am (UTC)
so cute and funny
love how they got jin and ryo to apologize and there punishment...lol
thank you so much for sharing
Micchi: RU_AK from wiwinohryouchipi on February 1st, 2011 06:26 am (UTC)
thank you so much for rading and leave comment, ♥

hehe... i love to see bakanishikido miserable because their partner, hehehe...
dorayaki_chandorayaki_chan on February 1st, 2011 04:39 am (UTC)
Aaaaaah jin jin ngegemesiiiin amet sih X) user pic nya lucuuuuu :)
Micchiohryouchipi on February 1st, 2011 06:24 am (UTC)
hehe.... iya, bakanishi emang selalu ngegemesin, ^-^v

hehe, thanks, user picnya bwt sendiri, saking nggak adanya icon yg ryouchi_akame, hehe

terima kasih udah baca,
Chikachika1611 on February 4th, 2011 04:05 pm (UTC)
Hahahahaha~ lucuuuu~ XDD
Micchiohryouchipi on February 4th, 2011 11:26 pm (UTC)
thanks ya udah dibaca, ♥
lilly0: ryo & uchi 3lilly0 on February 5th, 2011 09:54 am (UTC)
*looool* That was so funny XD
Boys can be such idiots XD But at least they all go on holiday together in the end^^
Micchiohryouchipi on February 6th, 2011 12:27 am (UTC)
yeps, i love bakanishikido, thank you so much for reading and leave comment ne. 7hearts;_♥
lilly0: Jinlilly0 on February 6th, 2011 09:23 am (UTC)
I agree!! They are so much fun XD ♥ And I love angry Kame XD
By the way, I started to write an AU fic, with a lot of JEguys, maybe you are interested? (You don't have to read it, if you are not interested!! But if you are interested, here is the charactersheet: http://lilly0.livejournal.com/12228.html
And here the first chapter: http://lilly0.livejournal.com/12360.html#cutid1)
Micchiohryouchipi on February 6th, 2011 11:19 am (UTC)
i've seenit but i havent have time to read it, i've been busy, will read it soon, ne
lilly0: Uchililly0 on February 6th, 2011 01:23 pm (UTC)
Oh, don't worry! Don't stress yourself XD Whenever you have time^^
yukitsubute: pic#108090217yukitsubute on February 5th, 2011 07:17 pm (UTC)

I love the end of your story *laughs* real cute. :))))
Micchi: RU_AKohryouchipi on February 6th, 2011 12:29 am (UTC)
thank you so much ♥
i'm happy you like it, hehe...